Monday, September 1, 2014


CNBLUE is a South Korean rock band formed last 2009. The band began to perform in streets and live houses in Japan. From being an indie band to now a very visible Korean rock band in the mainstream, their music has been revolving and developing. This band is better in LIVE than in any recorded albums so better yet watch them this September 19, 2014 at Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines.

CNBLUE is coming back to Manila, Philippines for Can't Stop Tour. They just recently released their Korean album "Can't stop" and now having a concert tour. 

Are you ready to see them for the first time or for the second time around? 
What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now!

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All pictures are credit to All Access Productions and Smart Araneta Coliseum. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Korea Study Abroad Expo 2014

I think most of us has dreamt to study abroad. Some of us wanted to take short courses in culinary arts or courses in fashion design in Paris, France or other European countries. Some may also want to study in the United States of America, in Singapore or more. It is maybe because we want to learn first hand from the experts and at the same time we want to experience the way of life in those countries. 

And that is why it is truly exciting for me when I found out that there will be a "Korea Study Abroad Expo" in University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. I must admit that I really wanted to go to Korea and I think it is also not a bad idea to have fun while learning. I understand that is not that easy to study and live in a different country but I believe that the experiences you will gain will be very valuable to the lessons you will learn.

It is my first time to attend an expo/fair related to Education. I would like to share what happened in Day 1 of the "Korea Study Abroad Expo 2014". I took few pictures using my cellphone and I apologize for the quality.

The place of the event:


The programme:

The Introduction:

The Booths:

There are a lot of schools that participated the event which includes Dongguk University Seoul University, State University of New York in Korea and more. Three airlines also joined the event namely: Korean Air, Jeju Air and Asiana Airlines. KakaoTalk, Korean Tourism Organization Manila (KTO) and Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines also have their booths.

Schools that participated in the event are the best and famous universities in Korea. Choose the school you like and talk to one of their representatives and with their best effort your questions / queries will be answered.

K-pop cover dance by group

My companion and dear friend, Jenny.. 


Fan girl "MODE ON":


With the beautiful host, Ms Kring Elezano

And of course, we did not go home empty handed! Our loot bags:

From KTO Manila:

Hey! It's a Free Travel Kit! :)

Upon registration, you will receive this:

Well, you will not just receive those loot bags. There is a raffle on which you can win great prizes from the participating schools and airlines. So hurry because there is a 2nd day for this event and it will be happening tomorrow, August 28, 2014. If you were not able to sign-up for online registration before, don't worry you can still sign-up here:

There is also an onsite registration. So go and don't miss it!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Inside my mind

did you ever feel like you were trapped
cornered and can't go anywhere
felt like there's no where to go
you just need to stay still and wonder

but it won't work because you're a wanderer
you can't be just cornered and caged
you want to fly and just go anywhere
escape and run freely everywhere

It's sad because you are stuck
You've been there sitting
doing nothing and just wasting
waiting as if something will happen

but that won't do for you
it will never be
so, you tried to escape 
You tried to fly but broke your wings

Then you were wounded
but to you it was nothing
You didn't care and wouldn't mind
as long as you can just go through
Even it's tough, you'll push through

You hate it because it's irritating
annoying and frustrating
then you promise and swear
that you'll never be like this

Your chance came, with anticipation
you are expecting so much
you know this is the time
You're getting there, slowly

You will see yourself there
running with all your strength
pushing through, so persistent
you don't care what will be broken
All you can do is just to move forward

Now, nothing matters
You just do everything you want
you have to dream high and make it right
keep moving forward, one step at a time

You're getting there
just keep moving, move forward
step, walk and run more
do it more and more

you shouldn't stop
your mind tells you not stop
step forward, move forward
don't let it slide, don't stop

never make yourself to stop
don't make yourself to like it
just keep on moving,
don't make yourself used to it

that won't really work
You're losing yourself
you might be lost
so now surely, you are found.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

withered time

By: Precious Anne Palaganas
Why do I always wonder?
Yet I am still here
Always feeling the same
Over and over again

No right to complain
Because I am so plain
Still feeling so lame
Like I am full of shame

Not used to doing nothing
Maybe I am just not doing
Feel so wrong
In this place and this toil

Felt like I'm losing
Something or my time
I know I should be somewhere
For sure, not here.

Don't know what to do
Feel so burdened for nothing
Like there's some task
But really just wind

It keeps on blowing in my face
Like slapping me left and right
Saying, "Hey, what are you doing?"
Telling me something!

I felt like I'm wasting my time
Doing something I don't love
Staying is like dying
And I want to leave and live now. 

new leap

Eyes, nose, lips by Taeyang  -- > this song keeps on playing on my playlist and I just found out that it has 2 awesome covers from the same artist agency. I guess YG Entertainment is really one of the best entertainment agency in Korea with very talented artists! (oops, I'm biased! I know!! :p)



credits to: Akdong Musician (AKMU)'s official YT account

and my favorite!!!! Tablo's cover x Taeyang... It is said from that it was the rapper, Tablo who re-written the lyrics and his Epik High groupmate DJ Tukutz did the remix.



credits to: