Wednesday, May 23, 2012

*lazy day

Wednesday is the day.
When I was a child, I hate Mondays.
Do you want to know why?
Because I don't want to go to school.

When I was in college, I hate Tuesdays..
It's the 'terrorist day', meaning the 6-hour class in our most strict and terror professor.
But why I now hate Wednesdays...

Maybe because it's mid-week.
You are happy because weekend is coming yet feel unsatisfied because nothing special happened.

Oh Wednesday, I feel so lazy today.
Sad, analytical and bored...

Feels like I need someone to kibitz.
Feels like running round the circles.
Feels like inside a maze.
Feels like nothing....

I think it's totally normal to feel these sometimes.
To be bored, lazy and have a very unusual feeling.
It's part of this life, this crazy life.
Oh well, it's my laziest day (52312)...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


                                              The Batangas escapade.
 I really didn't expect that this place will look like this. It's so beautiful, peaceful, and youthful. It's a sweet escape from work. The activities were very tiring but rejuvenating.

 If you want adventure and you wanted it to be near the city, I strongly suggest Amansinaya Mountain resort (

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I know there's something,
There is really SOMETHING.
I'm holding on that 'something'.
I know there's a CONNECTION, a 'connection' between you and me.

I don't know when it started but I know that my heart is now melted.
I know when you look at me,
When you hold my hand,
I know there is 'something'.

I just needed to hear it from you, it's just that I am not sure.
Sometimes, I'm telling to myself, maybe I'm just dwell with the feeling, the feeling that there's SOMETHING.

Will it be too much if I ask?
Will it make me sad, if I will ask?
Somebody asked me, 'What if he's really like that-friendly, sweet, caring and nothing special for you.'
I answered, said 'it's fine, at least I know. I'll know that there's NO SOMETHING.'

I know I'll be hurt and now, I'm hurting..hurting for no reasons...
I don't want to think everyday and every time when you hold my hand, don't want to ask 'WHY?'...
I'll just move on, move forward and cry...

It's just that I'm so confused. Blank. As if I'm waiting for rain in the middle of a desert.

I want to stop, and I'm trying to do it slowly...
But still I'm hoping that one day, you'll tell me- 'there's something'..
I will take it slow until time will come that I'll tell to myself- I'm done. Remnant of waiting.

Maybe, you're really like that ..tender, thoughtful, approachable..
Maybe, we're meant to be, meant to be JUST FRIENDS...
Maybe I just misinterpreted everything that you're showing. It's just that I fall/fell?..
I'm falling and feel like nobody will catch me....
I don't know what did you do to make me feel this way..It's just that you made me feel so special...and I thank you for that.

When you're around, it feels like everything is alright.
I feel like I'm a Princess and you're my Prince.
When you're around, I feel like nobody is around.
Everytime you reach for my hand, feels like it was only YOU & ME...
With your simple touch, little words and sweet smile- they really meant a lot to me.
I look forward to see you, to speak with you and to be with you.

I know that I'm assuming, assuming that there is 'something' because maybe this something can turn into a big SOMETHING.

Don't want to think anymore, to assume and expect more.
I don't want to make myself believe that there is 'something' and the reality is -there's NOTHING.
Well maybe, that's who YOU ARE, what YOU ARE and WHO YOU ARE that makes me fall apart..