Friday, September 28, 2012

Darling Clothes x Fashion Bandwagon (REBLOGGED)

Darling Clothes x FashionBandwagon

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

falling slowly

by: Precious Anne Palaganas

Here I go again feeling like this

Feeling so different, not at ease and sad.
I do not know what is the reason behind this
I'm feeling bad, something coming from inside

I'm doing nothing but feels so bothered

Thinking of something but so undecided
There's a lot going on inside
Which makes me scream with no sound

I do not know what's going on

But I know there is something current
I hate feeling this most of the time
But I think it will happen again in some time.

I guess it's part of me and will always happen to me

This is one of those days when I feel like falling
I am falling slowly and at this time want to be free
A smile would do and anyone care to catch me?

sharing this song, enjoy! 

Weekend is coming, any plans friends? 
 Keep smiling! ^-^

SM GTW x The Bargain Doll Giveaway (REBLOGGED)

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's over...

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I was waiting for you to tell me, but you did not.
I was waiting for you to see me, but you did not.
I remember the things that you did and told me before
but now, I think you did not.
I thought you are worth waiting for but I guess you were not.
I fancied you before but now I am not.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog giveaway: Win a leather jacket from Copper!

I never tried to wear a leather jacket and while I'm browsing one of my favorite blog sites, I saw this very edgy jacket. I am currently following this blog because the blogger is real, innovative and chic in fashion. 
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photo from

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wait there's more....some realizations...

(Continuation about the Baguio seminar)

Behind an event, there's a facade of success but there are more unfolded stories to share. If there were things that did not happen according to what was planned, we tend to complain, COMPLAIN. I think I'm one of those who did complaining. We tend to do that if we were really annoyed. But there are people who has A LOT TO SAY. We can say that yes, they are older, they are more experienced or they had post graduate degrees. I'm sorry to say but "so what?!". We respect their opinions and sentiments but sometimes, their attitude became different. To make it short, they are "POWER TRIPPERS". In this seminar, we had experienced a lot of things which involved people in higher authority. Sometimes, they are the ones who treated others unfairly. As general, people tend to change when they thought they knew everything. Not all the times, the elders are right. They are in authority but for people to respect and follow them, they should learn how to be fair and not be so proud of themselves. They are in authority and so we expect a lot from them and not give them a lot of favors. All of us should be humble in every action we do. 

Let's try to go to something light. In this camp, we had to walk, we did long walks. It's actually fine, aside from it's a good way to digest food!^-^. It is a little exhausting but interesting especially with people you shared the same interests too. The feeling of catching your breath a little is a good sign of LIFE, and you're still breathing and you let your eyes eat those beautiful scenes. I think I could say that I know something more about my classmates. We became more bonded and closer. We learned how to share our lives to others. We re just energized because of the nook. Baguio is still Baguio. It's fun going to different places, taking pictures and buying more..and more 'pasalubong'. :) Sometimes it's really good to participate and to be willing to do things with others.

To digress, in this short seminar, I gain a lot. It's more that what I learned inside the hall. It's the experience that I had. It's more than anything else. What I got is more than the worth of the money or the certificate.

Going back to the subject, even people who had so much not in money or materials things in particular but, they may have so much knowledge and experience to share, they are imperfect. No one is perfect. All of us is not perfect. There are bad things inside us. The things that happened ideally should not happened but still, I could say we seized the days in Baguio. : )

Monday, September 10, 2012

The pines, thorns, songs (Seminar @ Baguio)

Sept. 7-9, 2012 - teacher's camp, Baguio City
(P.S. any words written here is just based on the thoughts and opinion of the author. This was written when travelling back to Manila on a Sunday afternoon.)

Anne Murray, Phil Collins, Taylor Swift.....

Before 8 pm, September 7 the  said call time... Then we waited..we waited for the bus. Something worst, unexpected, very irritating happened. What is it? The buses were not enough. Sentiments were expressed, frustrations, disappointments were ranted. With no other choice, people needed to accept that they needed to do something not worth by 3,500php (amount to be pay for the supposedly 3- day seminar). There were complains but no explanation was given. (Too poor for the organizers to be so unprepared for something like this).

Fast forward, when everything made a decision that we still needed to go because we're also delayed for how many hours. Imagine 1:30 am, the time time we left  the University. About 6:15am, we arrived at Manaog in Pangasinan to visit the church as well as celebrating the birthday of the Virgin Mary (A tradition celebrated by Catholics every 8th of September). After few tours and picture taking, we headed to our destination - teacher's camp at Baguio.

We stayed at teacher's camp. (photo from )
We arrived in Baguio about 11:30am. Everyone was so tired and with the feeling of anger and exhaustion because of the travel hours. Hoping that there will be no problem with the accommodation, too bad there's more bad vibes welcoming us. Moving on, after accepting the fact that we needed to share beds for us to be together in one room we still go on. We had our lunch and refresh a little then took less than 10 pictures (I just wanted more pictures, ha ha). 

We immediately proceeded to the hall for the start of the seminar. No time to rest and then it started then go on until the time we needed to eat our dinner. In intervals of those times, some took the opportunity to had some little tour around the camp area. There are some who did some ninja moves. Ha ha. Dinner time was over. Then, we went back to the seminar again. Before I forgot to mention, the seminar was good. Of course, there were some boring lecturers and there were some interesting and entertaining. I realized, sometimes we could hear a lot of information but only we have understood. 

Going back to the flow of the story, since it was late and everyone was so tired we had to sleep. Even though we really wanted to go out and go to session road. I slept at around 11:30pm. Before the sun shines, I realized that I;m glad I had my room mates. This trip became fun because of them. Then, next morning after breakfast we took are little time to shop for the 'pasalubong'. Then, at 9am, the seminar started. We ended at around 11:30am then prepared for the departure to Manila. Since it was Sunday and they said it was traffic, we just visited the Burnham park and left Baguio at about 1:30pm. On the way to Manila, currently in Tarlac, I am writing this blog while others were singing. The main intention of this trip is the seminar. A seminar we'd expecting a lot of things to learn. We did learn some things. hoping that it was not too little for us. We went there to learn and at the same time have a sweet escape for everything. This experience was really memorable, dramatic, exciting and fun. (More thoughts next time.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Warning! Please pass guys. Thank you!

I receive an email this morning shown below:

This is the message, check it below:
First thing that came in my mind, "Is this true?". Then, I asked a friend about it and we searched it on the internet. We found out that it is a scam. According from the official site of RCBC Saving Bank, we need to be warned by these PHISHING MESSAGES . According from Chinatrust bank, there is also  an advisory from Bancnet about the phishing messages. Please be careful by sharing your account details online. Best thing to do is go to the nearest bank where you had an account and ask details from the bank personnel.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The perks of being a wallflower (some thoughts about it)

Aug. 31 - I just finished reading the book (technically it's an e-book). Every time I finished reading something, I really dwell with it for quite some time unless I'll read a new book or found some other things.

It's far different from "Twilight"..very far away from it. In my opinion, I think it's better than "50 Shades of Grey" (not offending the readers or people who like 50 shades). Oh, I so love Charlie! (with some exaggeration, ^-^)His character is different. People may really think he's weird. I did. He's so innocent and naive. He tried to make everyone happy and comfortable without thinking his own self first. I'm not making him to look good. He's not normal. I think I already said that. As I was reading the book, I found out that I am also weird. (Not sure if it's in a good or bad way though.) I think many can relate with Charlie. I think it's not the teenagers can but also in all ages. I want to share this book to all the wallflowers, who felt they are wallflowers, maybe wallflowers before and until now. It gives me the feeling that I am also Charlie in some times. I think about things. I wonder a lot. I always think about the future and what will be the outcome. I think I am not being analytically minded or what. I guess like what Bill said that sometimes we use our thoughts or we think about things for us not to "participate". 

It's really good to read books with sense if you know what I mean. The best part of it is someone also read the book when I was reading it too. I'm glad, I have someone to share the inputs, confusions, interesting parts of it. The book is about a teenager growing up mixed with some drama, family issues, identity crisis, curiosity on things and people around him. I like the way how the writer insert some flashbacks and how he describe some situations in the past and some sensitive issues. There are so many things I want to write about but I guess, you should try to read it. 

By the way I am excited for the upcoming movie, try watch the trailer here..

“I am very interested and fascinated how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other.” 
― Stephen ChboskyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower