Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wait there's more....some realizations...

(Continuation about the Baguio seminar)

Behind an event, there's a facade of success but there are more unfolded stories to share. If there were things that did not happen according to what was planned, we tend to complain, COMPLAIN. I think I'm one of those who did complaining. We tend to do that if we were really annoyed. But there are people who has A LOT TO SAY. We can say that yes, they are older, they are more experienced or they had post graduate degrees. I'm sorry to say but "so what?!". We respect their opinions and sentiments but sometimes, their attitude became different. To make it short, they are "POWER TRIPPERS". In this seminar, we had experienced a lot of things which involved people in higher authority. Sometimes, they are the ones who treated others unfairly. As general, people tend to change when they thought they knew everything. Not all the times, the elders are right. They are in authority but for people to respect and follow them, they should learn how to be fair and not be so proud of themselves. They are in authority and so we expect a lot from them and not give them a lot of favors. All of us should be humble in every action we do. 

Let's try to go to something light. In this camp, we had to walk, we did long walks. It's actually fine, aside from it's a good way to digest food!^-^. It is a little exhausting but interesting especially with people you shared the same interests too. The feeling of catching your breath a little is a good sign of LIFE, and you're still breathing and you let your eyes eat those beautiful scenes. I think I could say that I know something more about my classmates. We became more bonded and closer. We learned how to share our lives to others. We re just energized because of the nook. Baguio is still Baguio. It's fun going to different places, taking pictures and buying more..and more 'pasalubong'. :) Sometimes it's really good to participate and to be willing to do things with others.

To digress, in this short seminar, I gain a lot. It's more that what I learned inside the hall. It's the experience that I had. It's more than anything else. What I got is more than the worth of the money or the certificate.

Going back to the subject, even people who had so much not in money or materials things in particular but, they may have so much knowledge and experience to share, they are imperfect. No one is perfect. All of us is not perfect. There are bad things inside us. The things that happened ideally should not happened but still, I could say we seized the days in Baguio. : )


  1. hahaha! funny because I was there, too and I felt the same and I am able to laugh at it now. It could have been better though, specially if the elders remembered to bring their manners with their luggage. We still learned some valuable lessons, maybe not from the seminar but more from the frustrations of dealing with "kids" that have degrees.

  2. carpe baguio? hehe! XD

  3. The feeling of catching your breath a little is a good sign of LIFE- I like this line :)