Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog giveaway: Win a leather jacket from Copper!

I never tried to wear a leather jacket and while I'm browsing one of my favorite blog sites, I saw this very edgy jacket. I am currently following this blog because the blogger is real, innovative and chic in fashion. 
You may want to check her site here.

She has a giveaway now! Copper and the bargain doll have a treat for us! Let's join the GIVEAWAY here!

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I hope I will win... Happy Wednesday! ^-^


  1. These Cheap Leather Jackets are really i am living in australia and i like bike riding i wish i could buy these leather jackets.Is here any possibility to buy these stuff..Kindly email me the procedure.

    1. You can check their site here:
      You can also check their facebook account: