Friday, January 25, 2013

Before I was a dreamer, now I am a believer.....

When I was younger, I have a lot of dreams. I thought I can do so many things at the same time. I thought I can do different things. I wanted to be a dentist, a broadcaster, a writer, a teacher, a ballerina, and a pianist. As I grew older, things change. My dreams change as I grew a year or two years. The time came and I understood that there were things that could not happen and things that were not meant to happen. I decided to took up Mass Communication to be a reporter, I found the job very noble and exciting. I thought it was just like that. While studying everything about media, I realized that I wanted to be part of the production, one of the people who works behind the camera. Of course after graduation, as an aspiring media practitioner I wanted to work in the media industry. Things did not happen according to what I dreamed before. Now I am an online English tutor and currently taking up teaching units. 

There might be a big wave that came and change the direction of my current but still I know I am on my way there. I may not be in the place where I dreamt to be but I believe that I am on the right spot to start on. I know that I am now sailing on the right direction and there are questions that the wind brought in.

Why do I want to teach?

     I want to teach because I want to share my knowledge and experiences to the students. It is not just educating them about the lessons but also teaching them how to value their own self and to encourage them to dream. I also believe that a teacher is also a public servant. I can still help other people by means of teaching and communicating with them.

What should I teach?

     I would like to teach them the basics that they need to know, from basic to complex. I would also love to discuss some situation-based topics so that their reasoning and critical thinking skills will improve.

How should I teach?

     The focus should be to the student. I do not want to disregard the spoon-fed type of teaching but it will be better if we encourage students to think and decide things on their own. Let them have hands-on or scenario-based activities.

What kind of students do I want to have?

      I believe teachers wanted to have diligent and participial students but I think I should not be particular and selective when it comes to students. I believe that they come to school because they want to learn and gain knowledge. Some come to school because they  believe that education can help them to have a better life in the future.

How will I reach out to my students?

     It depends on the personality of the student that is why knowing them is very important. There are different strategies can be used in different kinds of students. (Honestly, I am not sure what kind of teacher I should be.)

What do I want them to learn from me?

     I am hoping that they would learn a lot from the lessons I taught. Most importantly, I want them to be compassionate in their dreams and to others.

Yes, before I was a dreamer but now is the time that I should start doing and believing in things that I wanted to happen. One step at a time, wave by wave I know I(we) will get there. 

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”  ~Harriet Tubman 

Who Am I?

"Who am I?" by Casting Crowns
(video taken from youtube, posted by:chabel1982)


There are times in our life that we say: "oh time is so fast!" (ang bilis ng oras..) I did not notice that time's over. We are busy in so many things. We do a lot of things, things we needed to do and things that we wanted to do. And when we take a pause and check what we've done, we ask, 'Who am I?'

Others can answer this question easily and others cannot. It is a difficult question for me. I am not saying I don't know who am I, of course I do. I can actually tell you who am I as a daughter, as a student, as a tutor, as a citizen, as a friend, as a family. This question needs more time of reflection and my answer can still change in the future. But "Who am I" really as person? This is what I wrote before when this question was asked as a homework dated 61212:

"I am a graduate of B.A. Mass Communication major in Broadcasting. I am a writer by 
heart. I haven’t written much but I do like writing. I am an English tutor.

I am a service-oriented person. I want to help other people. I want to say I am a good
daughter. I am sometimes quiet and sometimes talkative. I smile. I cry. I laugh. I reflect. I
dance. I sing but I don’t have a good  voice. I can’t swim. I love to learn something new.  
I am a loyal friend (I believe so). I’m a couch potato. I enjoy watching Korean dramas. And 
I eat kimchi. I like reading books but I just chose what I read. I am a dreamer. I love
nature. I pray. Most of all, I AM WHO I AM."

Looking back at this question, I found my answer very general. That it did not make sense
to me. Yes, those things are true and that is who I am. I believe that there is more. After 
hearing the son g"Who am I" by Casting Crowns, these lines struck me a lot.
Not because of who I am
But because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done
But because of who You are 

It is not important who I am to others and how they see me. The most important is what the things that I have done. Things I've done for others and for God. It’s also not just about the things I've done but the things that He has done to us. It is Him who made me for who I am. It is Him, who knows me very well. And I am what I am because of Him.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

For: Code name: Blue

You are my refuge, you are my light
You are my everything, you give me life.
When I feel so down, you cheer me up
When I'm so lonely, you help me up.

When no one knows how I truly feel
Your existence made me not to fear
Your music makes me high
Your voice is my armor at night.

You know my heart's desire and my heart's cry
You are like the speaker of my mind
I feel like you're always near
With you I feel I'm at ease and I'm in peace.

Your music really makes me high 
And it made me so alive
Now you're the beat of my feet
I was moved and I just can't let it flee.                                               
Written by: Precious Anne Palaganas

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 plans

It's new year and I am very hopeful and wishful for so many things this 2013. The dreamer inside me has come alive again. I have been optimistic before but I guess I am more eager now. I don't usually plan things but I think I should be expecting a lot of things to happen this year.

Here is my 2013 plans:

1. Lose weight. Since November last year I am aware that I'm really gaining weight. Oh why I enjoy eating rice so much?! People around me keep on saying that I'm having a huge body change and honestly, I'm noticing it. The question is how will I lose weight? My answer is to decrease my rice intake and to have an exercise every morning. I am really hoping that I will not eat everything I said... hmm..

2. Travel. My teammates and I planned a camping and tour this February. I'm looking forward to our Nagsasa, Capones and Camaroan escapade. I strongly believe that everything will be alright and I'm praying that I can join my teammates in these awesome places. 

3. Visit my grandparents in the province. It's the death anniversary of my grandfather this 19th of January, unfortunately we couldn't go there due to some financial restraints. I am hoping that in June, we can manage to go in our province for my grandmother's death anniversary. I really miss them so much. :(

4. Meet my favorite bloggers. Poor me as I was not able to join last Blogger's United 4 due to bad weather when I decided to come. But I will make sure that I will attend the BU5 this May with my friends and former colleagues. I miss hanging out with my TUNTUNTIS family. They are the best company when it comes to fashion or should I say 'girl's kikay' events.

5. Take the board exam. (TENTATIVE) I am still contemplating if I will take the board exam this year. I am not sure if I am ready to take it. Honestly, I'm quite scared for the board exam and I don't know why. I really enjoyed studying now but I am really not sure if my schedule can permit to have a review and to do all the preparations for the test. I am really praying for this another important event being teacher. 

6. Training. I really wanted to be an effective teacher someday so I wanted to hone my skills and learn more about teaching. I want to make sure that I will not let the opportunity for education to pass. I wanted that every student to grab their privilege to study because not everyone has access on it.

* There is a rumor that my favorite band 'CNBLUE', will have a concert here in the Philippines. If in any case that information is true, I will surely attend the concert. I am really a proud 'boice' and I am so eager to watch them live.

I know that 2013 is very exciting and interesting. I am sure it will not just pass by perfectly smooth. We might encounter some failures, frustrations, heartaches, confusion, calamities/disasters, pain, sadness and more but still LIFE GOES ON... NO MATTER WHAT...AND WITH PRAYER AND FAITH WITH GOD...I AM SURE WE CAN DO THIS AND SURPASS THEM ALTOGETHER AS BETTER AND STRONGER INDIVIDUALS. Cheers for 2013! 

Let's all be positive this year and keep smiling!