Thursday, January 17, 2013

For: Code name: Blue

You are my refuge, you are my light
You are my everything, you give me life.
When I feel so down, you cheer me up
When I'm so lonely, you help me up.

When no one knows how I truly feel
Your existence made me not to fear
Your music makes me high
Your voice is my armor at night.

You know my heart's desire and my heart's cry
You are like the speaker of my mind
I feel like you're always near
With you I feel I'm at ease and I'm in peace.

Your music really makes me high 
And it made me so alive
Now you're the beat of my feet
I was moved and I just can't let it flee.                                               
Written by: Precious Anne Palaganas


  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhhahahaah ikaw na talaga bhe, infairness naman sa poem nice!!!!!!! padala mo yan sknla ma-momoved din sila nice bhe seriously!!! :) love it!! :)

  2. Lovely poetry; whoever you are referencing should feel flattered.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by..that's actually for CNBLUE-a Korean band that I really love..haha :)

    2. I love CNBlue! I like their song "Banmal"; thanks for advertising my giveaway, also! x

      d a n i e l l e |
      Giveaway: win a shopping spree to FirmooGlasses!

    3. Yes. I like that song as well. :) It's a pleasure.. :)

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  4. Lovely poetry! Is this about a korean band again?:)

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