Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 plans

It's new year and I am very hopeful and wishful for so many things this 2013. The dreamer inside me has come alive again. I have been optimistic before but I guess I am more eager now. I don't usually plan things but I think I should be expecting a lot of things to happen this year.

Here is my 2013 plans:

1. Lose weight. Since November last year I am aware that I'm really gaining weight. Oh why I enjoy eating rice so much?! People around me keep on saying that I'm having a huge body change and honestly, I'm noticing it. The question is how will I lose weight? My answer is to decrease my rice intake and to have an exercise every morning. I am really hoping that I will not eat everything I said... hmm..

2. Travel. My teammates and I planned a camping and tour this February. I'm looking forward to our Nagsasa, Capones and Camaroan escapade. I strongly believe that everything will be alright and I'm praying that I can join my teammates in these awesome places. 

3. Visit my grandparents in the province. It's the death anniversary of my grandfather this 19th of January, unfortunately we couldn't go there due to some financial restraints. I am hoping that in June, we can manage to go in our province for my grandmother's death anniversary. I really miss them so much. :(

4. Meet my favorite bloggers. Poor me as I was not able to join last Blogger's United 4 due to bad weather when I decided to come. But I will make sure that I will attend the BU5 this May with my friends and former colleagues. I miss hanging out with my TUNTUNTIS family. They are the best company when it comes to fashion or should I say 'girl's kikay' events.

5. Take the board exam. (TENTATIVE) I am still contemplating if I will take the board exam this year. I am not sure if I am ready to take it. Honestly, I'm quite scared for the board exam and I don't know why. I really enjoyed studying now but I am really not sure if my schedule can permit to have a review and to do all the preparations for the test. I am really praying for this another important event being teacher. 

6. Training. I really wanted to be an effective teacher someday so I wanted to hone my skills and learn more about teaching. I want to make sure that I will not let the opportunity for education to pass. I wanted that every student to grab their privilege to study because not everyone has access on it.

* There is a rumor that my favorite band 'CNBLUE', will have a concert here in the Philippines. If in any case that information is true, I will surely attend the concert. I am really a proud 'boice' and I am so eager to watch them live.

I know that 2013 is very exciting and interesting. I am sure it will not just pass by perfectly smooth. We might encounter some failures, frustrations, heartaches, confusion, calamities/disasters, pain, sadness and more but still LIFE GOES ON... NO MATTER WHAT...AND WITH PRAYER AND FAITH WITH GOD...I AM SURE WE CAN DO THIS AND SURPASS THEM ALTOGETHER AS BETTER AND STRONGER INDIVIDUALS. Cheers for 2013! 

Let's all be positive this year and keep smiling! 


  1. Great plans bhe! I am sure you can achieve those plans/goals. Aja! I have a lot of plans and goals too this year but lazy me I can't put in into paper. ahahahha I think I just have to work my butt out to achieve those goals/plans this year.. well, let's have a great, challenging, new, fulfilling, and whatever good adjectives you want to add.. heheh! Bring it on 2013!!!! :)

  2. yes.. heheheh with high hopes!!! keri natin yan hihih :)