Friday, August 10, 2012

good bye - the hardest words to say......

I am not sure what I am feeling now.
Mixed emotions - sadness, happiness and fear.
I couldn't believe that I would do this thing soon.
A second farewell maybe.

When I had this job, I never thought that I would enjoy teaching.
Because of this, I had this more passion to teach.
Well maybe before, I already had this want to teach.
This is where my want became reality.

I learned a lot of things.
I experienced some things.
I met new friends.
I found a new love. (Love of TEACHING)

The want to teach and to be knowledgeable about the craft
pushed me to do this good bye.
I may have other reasons too for leaving. (which I would rather keep it to myself)
This goodbye is something I did not plan, but I have my own goals and plans.

This one could be just the first step in continuing my journey.
I may have some fear in the beginning but I trust Him.
I know He has plans for me. I believe in the saying that 'everything happens for a reason.'

I am so thankful for the people I met.
Beautiful people with different great personalities.
I am grateful as well as with the company for all the things
that they made me experience.
I will surely miss everyone.

This could be a good bye but a start for something anew.
Thank you, good bye and I'll miss you. :)