Monday, May 20, 2013

Your song, my words (B.L.U.E ESSAY)

by: Jenny Dumandan

ONE TIME my friend introduced me to this ONE OF A KIND band named CNBLUE and from then on it was NEVER TOO LATE for me to become a fan girl. This made me say LET’S GO CRAZY and it started a LOVE REVOLUTION on me towards this four GREEDY MAN (I know guys you are not greedy kekekeke, I just have to insert this song title). There’s no single reason WHY I started to love this band so much and I DON’T KNOW WHY I can’t get enough of them. I always IMAGINE to become their LOVE GIRL and the four of them especially burning Lee Jonghyun will be forever my DREAM BOY.  It’s an ILLUSION for me I know but MY LOVE for them is blind, it’s really a BLIND LOVE. I love everything about them and their music makes me FLY HIGH. I always want to say ARIGATOU to them for making me always happy and for shining their LOVE LIGHT on us and every time I am FEELING sad and whenever I AM A LONER and there’s  TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN their music reminds me to TRY AGAIN, SMILE AGAIN. They are really my inspiration and they touch my life. Their songs help me to GET AWAY from my problems. My INTUITION told me IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. I am READY AND GO to always ROCK AND ROLL with their music and WITH YOUR EYES Jonghyun, Yonghwa, Minhyuk and Jungshin I will be your forever supportive  fan girl. I can always sit at a COFFEE SHOP smiling and humming LALALALA. Whatever comes my way I can confidently say COME ON. Their music and faces are always IN MY HEAD. They are like a TATTOO, I can never remove them in my system. I realized I am not a ROBOT because of them I felt the wonderful feeling of LOVE. For me it’s always a SWEET HOLIDAY.  Even ECLIPSE will reminds me of them. They are a RAIN OF BLESSING for every boice like me and through this I want my VOICE to be heard. This is not a LIE, CNBLUE is MY MIRACLE. They are not a COWARD for sharing their music and talent to the whole world. Please DON’T SAY GOODBYE to your fans and I hope your friendship and the band will last forever. HEY YOU cnblue I AM SORRY for this corny essay JUST PLEASE understand this passionate and crazy fan girl. WHERE YOU ARE we are always under one BLUE SKY.

Have a good time, HAVE A GOODNIGHT
-Jenny Neh J

Written by: Jenny Dumandan  (pls. do credit her for re-upload. Thanks!)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I was born in Summer

This is a super late post....

I did not have any plans on my birthday but gladly my godmother invited us in her place to have a mini get-together before she'd left for States. I celebrated my birthday with my family and friends at the La Vie Flatts in Alabang.

It was really fun and I enjoyed swimming with my cousins. My god mother called this celebration a 'bonding day". I was also glad because I celebrated it with new found friends.

my cousins

posing with the trees.. :)

I love these circles on the floor...

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