Wednesday, February 26, 2014

His smile

Every time I seem him smile
I feel like I'm in the sky

So genuine and pure 
Like everything  will be cured

His sweet smiles with his eyes
Dazzling as if dancing with grace

Now can't stop but smile
Waiting for it to arrive

His comeback is a must
Finally his smile is back.

By: Precious Anne Palaganas


For those who don't know CNBLUE yet or if you are a new BOICE (the name for the fans of CNBLUE), this is a must watch. I kind a feel teary-eyed after I watched it. Enjoy!

This is like a mini-documentary of their tour in America (L.A and New York) and Latin America. So much love from Boices in different places, CNBLUE and Boices jjang! ^-^

credits to: MnetAmerica

Monday, February 10, 2014

#PHthankyou | The Philippines says Thank You!

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given to us and to our country after "Haiyan" or typhoon Yolanda hit us.

Balik tanaw

Minsan maganda ring mag-aral muli
Ngunit hindi yung tipong ikaw ay mag-aaral muli nang pang matagalan
Aral lang, basa basa...

Mas epektibo kapag mga nasa 20 anyos pataas ka na
Mas mapapahalagahan mo sya
Kasi nakita mo na ang realidad at medyo  hinog na

Masarap basahin ang mga buhay ng ating mga bayani
Ang kasaysayan muli ng ating bansa
Ang mga kwentong bayan at mga alamat
Hindi ba't mas wala ng kasing saya ang bumalik sa nakaraan
Mga kwentong kaaliw aliw at kaibig-ibig

Minsan masayang magbalik tanaw
At aralin ang bayang iyong sinilangan.....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I saw Venus

I've been traveling at dawn
And thought there's nothing to ponder
Then I suddenly saw these things
So big and bright

At first I can only see mountains, trees and lights on the streets
Then as I kept going
There were three of them, very bright

I never left looking at them
Slowly they disappeared one by one
Then, there was an orange line
As if it was drawn by someone
Oh,  the King started to appear

The big one was there, shining and saying; "Hey, I am here".
And me saying, "Thanks for another day".

A farewell

No one would really love unconditionally like her
Nobody can replace who taught me how to pray
Nobody will push me to eat vegetables cause if not I'll be sick again.

No one will accept me for all my flaws
Nobody knows my embarrassing moments only her
Aside from my mom, it is only her who can look at my eyes and know what is wrong

She is irreplaceable
Totally unforgettable

The time came when she needs to rest 
And forget all the pain and hurt she held
Glad I had my last talk with you
And also my kiss of good bye

It might be painful for me but I know you are already OK
Everything is over, no more tears and no more fear
You are now with Him
And I know you'll always be there
An angel who will stay beside me and continue to give me strength
It is hard but I have to say good bye..