Monday, July 29, 2013


I was sitting in my usual seat
A usual day in my everyday life
A place where I spend most of my time
A day that usually just pass by

I am here with people
People I couldn't hear
I could hear their presence
But never hear sounds

Surrounded by people, working
Yes, I am with them.
I can feel myself but I couldn't them
Maybe it was just me.

I did not want to entertain this
But my heart feels it so 
Felt like an abandoned child
Longing for the unknown

The voice I want to hear
It is my heart who speaks
The eyes that can see, ears that can hear
They are here but ain't feeling them though.
written by: Precious Anne Palaganas

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Dillema

My mind tells me this
It haunts me inside
Something I can't hear
I can't understand, can't bear

The whispers are so loud
But the message so dark
Feels so lost
Again, needs to rest

So many thoughts
But all are naughts
It grows
But it has to go

Last time is the same
I felt it again
Feels natural
But seems so hard

It is like a rain
Which comes and go
A feeling that shows
I am still at work.
                                                                                                                                            written by: Precious Anne Palaganas

Korean Culture Caravan (part 2)

New experience, new friends

After the seminar, Kyline and I immediately went out to check their Book exhibit and the standee of our bias. I was certain that some of the attendees are k-pop fans, the Hallyu wave really gave a way to promote Korea as a tourist destination.When Kyline and I freshen up in the loo, I heard three ladies talking about the standee of my bias..haha..I did not mean to eavesdrop, I just could not help it. Then, instantly I had new friends, Ninya, Kimberly and Jenny. Of all the odd places, loo is the place where I met my fellow Boices. They also introduced us to other Boices

With the Korean Traditional Dance Team

My new friends: Ninya, Kyline, Raquel, Jenny and Kimberly
 (group photo credit to Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines)

The Photo Exhibit

Since it is lunch time, we went to a Korean/Japanese restaurant to eat. I enjoyed it with these beautiful ladies.
photos credit as tags

Jenny, Ninya and Kimberly
me and Kyline

After our tummies were full, we returned back to the Hall for the afternoon classes. We were so ready for the Sagunja class and the Korean traditional dance class.

The Sagunja Class

With our lovely teacher, Ms. Yejin

Traditional Korean Dance Class

I enjoyed this Korean Culture Caravan, aside from I learned a lot about Korea, I also met new friends. Thank you ladies, Kyline, Ninya, Kimberly, Jenny, Raquel and your friends for accompanying me in this awesome event. This experience will not be possible without Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines and Korea Tourism Organization's effort to extend and share their beautiful country to us. 

Photos credit to Kyline, KCC and KTO

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Korean Culture Caravan (part 1)

I was really looking forward for the weekend because I can attend the Korean Culture Caravan at Asian Center, University of the Philippines, Diliman. I had this feeling that this experience will be really unforgettable. And no doubt, it was a blast!..

How did I find out this event?

I was actually reading at one of the group pages of Boices (CNBLUE's fans) and I saw a post about it. I read and found it very interesting. The amazing part's for FREE. I immediately reserve my slot for this. Because of this, I met a new beautiful and kindhearted friend, Kyline Jaq. I told myself that I was so lucky to have a company in the said event.

And this was how everything went yesterday.....

credits to Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines and Korea Tourism Organization


The seminar started in singing the national anthem of the Philippines and Korea, consequently. Dr. Alfredo Pascual, President of the University of the Philippines gave the opening remarks. It was followed by a greeting speech by Cllr. Hwang Seong Un, Counsellor for Culture and Public Relations Embassy of Republic of Korea. Cllr. Seong Un was also the Director of Korean Cultural Center, he gave us the lecture about Korea with great enthusiasm. 

Korea is really rich in culture and history. They balance traditional and modern cultural life. Their norms are also admirable, especially their respect for the elders. Aside from those, we know that Korea is also a place where you can find a lot of delicious food. There are really a lot more about Korea aside from famous Hallyu stars and K-dramas. 

They also gave a presentation for "Why Korea for Your Educational Trip?". They really had good facilities and safe place to stay and to study. There was a short open forum after the presentation. 

We were also entertained by a traditional fan dance of KCC's traditional fan dance team, followed by Kpop dance performance courtesy of Ms. Dasuri Choi and company. 

Then, the moment that everyone was waiting for ...... Raffle time! 

A new friend, Kimberly won the KCC shirt, others won other collectibles, kpop albums and the luckiest person in that room won a TRIP TO KOREA. wow! Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines and Korea Tourism Organization were so generous to grace that big prize. 

They really introduced South Korea very well. I felt like I got sold by them. :) I feel like I want to go there as soon as possible! oh my! I think I need to save more. ;( Someday, I know I will go there.. Korea, you are surely included in my bucket list. ^-^

(to be continued.....)