Thursday, July 18, 2013

Korean Culture Caravan (part 2)

New experience, new friends

After the seminar, Kyline and I immediately went out to check their Book exhibit and the standee of our bias. I was certain that some of the attendees are k-pop fans, the Hallyu wave really gave a way to promote Korea as a tourist destination.When Kyline and I freshen up in the loo, I heard three ladies talking about the standee of my bias..haha..I did not mean to eavesdrop, I just could not help it. Then, instantly I had new friends, Ninya, Kimberly and Jenny. Of all the odd places, loo is the place where I met my fellow Boices. They also introduced us to other Boices

With the Korean Traditional Dance Team

My new friends: Ninya, Kyline, Raquel, Jenny and Kimberly
 (group photo credit to Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines)

The Photo Exhibit

Since it is lunch time, we went to a Korean/Japanese restaurant to eat. I enjoyed it with these beautiful ladies.
photos credit as tags

Jenny, Ninya and Kimberly
me and Kyline

After our tummies were full, we returned back to the Hall for the afternoon classes. We were so ready for the Sagunja class and the Korean traditional dance class.

The Sagunja Class

With our lovely teacher, Ms. Yejin

Traditional Korean Dance Class

I enjoyed this Korean Culture Caravan, aside from I learned a lot about Korea, I also met new friends. Thank you ladies, Kyline, Ninya, Kimberly, Jenny, Raquel and your friends for accompanying me in this awesome event. This experience will not be possible without Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines and Korea Tourism Organization's effort to extend and share their beautiful country to us. 

Photos credit to Kyline, KCC and KTO


  1. wow!!! so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! inggit much naka meet n ng fg frends parang napa fruitful at learning pa ng day nayan ayiiiiiiii <3

    1. true! wish you were there, I'm sure you'll have fun too..