Monday, September 10, 2012

The pines, thorns, songs (Seminar @ Baguio)

Sept. 7-9, 2012 - teacher's camp, Baguio City
(P.S. any words written here is just based on the thoughts and opinion of the author. This was written when travelling back to Manila on a Sunday afternoon.)

Anne Murray, Phil Collins, Taylor Swift.....

Before 8 pm, September 7 the  said call time... Then we waited..we waited for the bus. Something worst, unexpected, very irritating happened. What is it? The buses were not enough. Sentiments were expressed, frustrations, disappointments were ranted. With no other choice, people needed to accept that they needed to do something not worth by 3,500php (amount to be pay for the supposedly 3- day seminar). There were complains but no explanation was given. (Too poor for the organizers to be so unprepared for something like this).

Fast forward, when everything made a decision that we still needed to go because we're also delayed for how many hours. Imagine 1:30 am, the time time we left  the University. About 6:15am, we arrived at Manaog in Pangasinan to visit the church as well as celebrating the birthday of the Virgin Mary (A tradition celebrated by Catholics every 8th of September). After few tours and picture taking, we headed to our destination - teacher's camp at Baguio.

We stayed at teacher's camp. (photo from )
We arrived in Baguio about 11:30am. Everyone was so tired and with the feeling of anger and exhaustion because of the travel hours. Hoping that there will be no problem with the accommodation, too bad there's more bad vibes welcoming us. Moving on, after accepting the fact that we needed to share beds for us to be together in one room we still go on. We had our lunch and refresh a little then took less than 10 pictures (I just wanted more pictures, ha ha). 

We immediately proceeded to the hall for the start of the seminar. No time to rest and then it started then go on until the time we needed to eat our dinner. In intervals of those times, some took the opportunity to had some little tour around the camp area. There are some who did some ninja moves. Ha ha. Dinner time was over. Then, we went back to the seminar again. Before I forgot to mention, the seminar was good. Of course, there were some boring lecturers and there were some interesting and entertaining. I realized, sometimes we could hear a lot of information but only we have understood. 

Going back to the flow of the story, since it was late and everyone was so tired we had to sleep. Even though we really wanted to go out and go to session road. I slept at around 11:30pm. Before the sun shines, I realized that I;m glad I had my room mates. This trip became fun because of them. Then, next morning after breakfast we took are little time to shop for the 'pasalubong'. Then, at 9am, the seminar started. We ended at around 11:30am then prepared for the departure to Manila. Since it was Sunday and they said it was traffic, we just visited the Burnham park and left Baguio at about 1:30pm. On the way to Manila, currently in Tarlac, I am writing this blog while others were singing. The main intention of this trip is the seminar. A seminar we'd expecting a lot of things to learn. We did learn some things. hoping that it was not too little for us. We went there to learn and at the same time have a sweet escape for everything. This experience was really memorable, dramatic, exciting and fun. (More thoughts next time.)

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