Thursday, September 27, 2012

falling slowly

by: Precious Anne Palaganas

Here I go again feeling like this

Feeling so different, not at ease and sad.
I do not know what is the reason behind this
I'm feeling bad, something coming from inside

I'm doing nothing but feels so bothered

Thinking of something but so undecided
There's a lot going on inside
Which makes me scream with no sound

I do not know what's going on

But I know there is something current
I hate feeling this most of the time
But I think it will happen again in some time.

I guess it's part of me and will always happen to me

This is one of those days when I feel like falling
I am falling slowly and at this time want to be free
A smile would do and anyone care to catch me?

sharing this song, enjoy! 

Weekend is coming, any plans friends? 
 Keep smiling! ^-^

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