Monday, March 4, 2013

~No happy ending~

There's no happy ever after but there's a forever.
Lately, I am hearing different love stories from different people. 
I learned that there is a forever. But there is no happy ending.
I don't believe in happy ever after but I believe in 'forever'.

(Below are words that rather be unsaid...)

I know we cannot be together. 
We cannot be in the same place and in the same time.
Things may get complicated if we will be together.
Friendship maybe broken and ties can be cut.
I'd rather be like this so that I can still hold on to this. 

A feeling that still continues but I know I'll get there. 

My feeling will fade away, I know it will happen.
I am here, will be waiting for you but not forever.
I will be here thinking of you but not for so long. 
All I can do is to remember. 
Remember the memories that are 'forever'. 
Memories that will be our ground to meet, our time to be together.

There really people who loves each other but 

cannot be together and there are people who are 
together but they don't love each other. 
There might no 'happy ending' but I know there will be a 'forever' for us. 

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