Monday, April 15, 2013

Human Nature

Whenever I encounter someone who acts very rude and who is a power tripper I always remind myself with the line that I've learned from a great teacher, "Human nature" (with a shoulder shrug). He said that there are people who will always made you feel down and who will always made you think that you're not good, sometimes they wanted you to feel like a dumb. There are people who will really belittle you, as if they are really powerful or what. But he said that we should not give interest on them, on what they do and say because it is part of 'human nature', people tend to be jealous and insecure. And the best way to shut them off -- INTEGRITY. I have experienced a lot of these before and I have experienced it today. I was just asking about something and she explained it (not that well) but it came to me very unprofessional and unacceptable. I will not rant on what happened today but I'd rather focus on the thought: "Should I let her not so good attitude pass?"

Then my ever favorite line came in to the picture, "hm, human nature". Well this should not be an excuse but natural and inevitable for some people. Sometimes I tend to over analyze situations especially if it is related to people. I would ask, "Why was she like that?", "Why her attitude is like that?" , "Did I do something wrong with her/him?"    

Understanding other people is very important. Sometimes we just need to accept them too. What happened today really made me realized that HOW YOU ACT AND TREAT OTHER PEOPLE IS ALSO HOW YOU ARE AS A PERSON. The ATTITUDE you show is also the real YOU.

How about you? How was your day? Have you experience it before? Share your thoughts..

>>>>>Good Vibes everyone<<<<<

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  1. hmmmm.. I think I knew it now.. well your point is right... learn the art of DEDMA ofcourse it will affect you but instead of ruining your mood completely think that maybe she's just not okay today that's she's like that. Just understand her and have a very long patience. and yeah just blog about it hahahha it's a good way of releasing your emotions as well and re thinking about it and then you will just realized that your okay na samahan mo pa ng cnblueing... hahah that's nothing ") :) <3