Monday, August 19, 2013


I have asked a lot of people if they like the rain or a rainy day
Some would say “No”, some would say “Yes”.
They have their reasons which I also second the motion.
We have our love and hate to rain.
But rain will always be there.
Whether we like it or not, it will come and go whenever he wants.

Rain can cause a lot of bad things
If it so heavy and wind joins, it can cause destructions,
Floods, flash floods, earthquake, tsunamis and so on.
Rain is very strong and fearful.
We cannot deny what rain can do to us
And if it will rain, yes it will rain.

All we can do is to be ready
As rain is so strong and can’t be hold
A power we can’t estimate
Rainfall we can’t count
Undeniably, he is such a star
With its charisma people that can’t ignore

Totally rain can be unexpected
We can’t determine its perseverance
It’s free will that we can’t measure
How it wants to fall and how it wants to stay and go
Sometimes I wonder where it comes from
Its strength is hard to overcome

But as I think about it
We cannot do something with it.
This is rain’s journey and so do you
It is up to you now, what should you do
Either to gear up and protect yourself
Or just continue and go with its flow.

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