Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Heirs/The Inheritors ~MY ADORED SCENES~ Episodes 13-14 pt.1


Everything starts at home so I will start in LOVE in the family.

I believed that I heard in this drama in its earlier episode that the most beautiful word in the world is MOTHER.

Mother's Love

Brother's Love

I define the next screen caps as a kind of FAMILY LOVE. The photos might have a different family vibe but I don't know. A "hate" relationship state? There is no perfect family I guess. I am looking forward in your thoughts. ^-^

Did you get what I mean? No? Okay, I think it is just me. 
Share your thoughts...

There is more to LOVE in this drama...
Few episodes left, so hurry and watch The Heirs! 
To be continued...

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