Friday, November 22, 2013

This is HOME. #BeStrongPhilippines

While I was walking in the street on my way home, I realized how blessed I am that I live in our neighborhood for 20 plus years of my life. I can say that I grew up in the city. My family and I have moved/ transferred houses for 4 times but still in the same 'barangay' (community/villa). I might not always get out from the house but I remembered when I was younger, I was playing with the kids in my neighborhood on the streets. The people knew each other. People may not know each other's real/full name but whenever there's a chance to have a chitchat, it will always lead to 'gossips'..^-^... And when times come that you need help, you can go ask your neighbor and they'd gladly help you if they can.This is the place where I grew up with, a place where I grew up with the people around my neighborhood. I think I cannot leave this place. 

As these thoughts keep running on mind, I remembered the people in Tacloban and other provinces affected by the super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. I have these thoughts, "What about them?" It might be very difficult to see their town like that and to lose people they have known for a long time, their family and relatives, friends, or simply their neighbors. It might be hard to rebuild the city and the other towns but I hope that with all the help of other Filipinos and people from other parts of the world, we can build the same neighborhood they had before. I pray that people from Tacloban and people from other provinces will remember the life of their used to neighborhood and be inspired to turn it back, stronger and better. There is really no place like HOME. We're all on this together! 

Tried to capture the sunset but I failed. The sun sets and so the sun rises..

 #Bangon Tacloban #BangonVisayas #BangonPilipinas

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