Sunday, December 1, 2013

No longer a friend, just an acquaintance

It is sad to know that we are like strangers now
Unlike the old times we are like partners in crime
I tried to forget the feeling and wanted to keep the friendship
But it is so sad that neither continued

I thought I had the best decision
But unfortunately I was totally wrong
When I left, I thought we'd keep what we had
Totally wrong, it just stayed at that four corners of the room.

I thought we had the same feeling
But it was just really me
So fool because I did not say what I feel
This is the thing I always regret

I guess I totally assumed what we had
It was my fault that I fell for you
There was no one to blame
It was just me and will always be me.

For me to move on, I had to do this
I think I have to forget you
Delete you in my memory
Sorry, but I don't want to be your friend anymore.

Felt sad that it reached at this point
No need to communicate anymore
Not even a "Hi" or "Hello"
I really don't need those.

P.S. Thank you for making me experience this inexplicable feeling...

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