Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello Stranger

I really don't know who you are
But I'm so glad you came into my life
You may not know me too
But surely you'll see me through

I am part of the crowd
Who will cheer you so loud
One of those who will watch over you
And will never want to see you sad

All I can say is "Thank you",
For passing by
Without you, feels like I am in the dark.
So grateful for giving color to life

Life is cruel and sometimes sad
But with you, nothing seems dull
All of the emotions I have
You've taken out of my heart

You're so charming 
Full of energy and angst
You always give your best
No wonder, you're ONE OF THE BEST

Hope you'll always be like that
Who gives comfort when lost
A someone to run to
When feels like crying at night

Your voice is so whimsical
Very pleasing to the ears
Wiping all my tears
And making me feel to stand still.


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