Thursday, June 26, 2014

withered time

By: Precious Anne Palaganas
Why do I always wonder?
Yet I am still here
Always feeling the same
Over and over again

No right to complain
Because I am so plain
Still feeling so lame
Like I am full of shame

Not used to doing nothing
Maybe I am just not doing
Feel so wrong
In this place and this toil

Felt like I'm losing
Something or my time
I know I should be somewhere
For sure, not here.

Don't know what to do
Feel so burdened for nothing
Like there's some task
But really just wind

It keeps on blowing in my face
Like slapping me left and right
Saying, "Hey, what are you doing?"
Telling me something!

I felt like I'm wasting my time
Doing something I don't love
Staying is like dying
And I want to leave and live now. 

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