Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bend, but don't break


There are times that we will fall
We can break into pieces
And no one will know
There are times that we will cry
To stop is hard to try
Sometimes when we’re trouble
We feel lost and we tremble

Sometimes we just want to hide
And escape all the lies
All the pain, the hurt and anger we have
We do things just to cover what’s inside.

We sometimes turn around
Choose a wrong turn
That will make us different
And feel like there’s no turning back

Yes we will fall, and we will be lost
But all you need is to be strong
Stand up, and fight
‘Cause everything will be alright

Life is unfair, yes my dear
Everyone knows, which I think
It makes it fair to all
That is the wonder of what we call – Life.

Fall but after, stand tall
Get lost but find your way
Be mad but don’t be bad
Struggle but still mingle
Leave but still live
Cry but always try

Yes, bend but don’t break
Someone will help you up
He’ll catch you and take
All the weary that you carry
He is there and he’ll tell you
That dear, this is the WAY.

Written by: Precious Anne Palaganas