Tuesday, February 19, 2013

♥ Midnight Love ♥

It's been a quite period of time
When I couldn't feel you're alive.
Your existence became a question
Like I've been out of your life.

I couldn't let this time to pass
When I can talk to you about our past.
So many things to say
Yet my mouth cannot convey.

It feels like a mystery 
Because it is still - YOU
That I can't dismiss
Maybe it is still you
Who I cannot neglect.

Tonight I feel loved
I feel sheltered by you.
And I hope it will continue
That you and I still intertwined.

I always look forward to this night
For your appearance before my eyes
Please hear my wishful heart
To be with you this time.

I have this feeling when the sun arrives
You will disappear in my sight.
Like the daylight is my foe
Because you will leave without a goodbye.

The moonlight is my way to you
The night is our chance to escape
If I could just talk to the moon
And tell him not to depart.

I guess this is the only thing we have
Midnight is our precious time
I will wait and wait
For this once in a blue moon love.

Written by: Precious Anne Palaganas