Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pink then BLUE

Since I was young, my favorite color has always been PINK. I love the different shades of it. It is very feminine and sweet. I also had plenty of "pink" stuff. (It is not that I didn't like other color before, they were just not in my list of options.) As I grow older my preference changes and I started to adore EARTH tone such as brown, tans, grays, greens. I like them as they gave me the feeling of nature. Besides the fact that I really love nature, Earth tone colors really compliment my fair skin.

It was a year ago when I was introduced to a Korean pop-rock band, CNBLUE. I am a self-confessed couch potato and fan of Korean dramas. Then, I found ''Heartstrings' is a South Korean youthful melodrama about the main characters' love, friendship and dreams, set against the backdrop of a university. (source:wiki). I saw the lead character Lee Shin played by Jung Yong Hwa. I was amazed by how he played his guitar in every episode. I know that he was not just acting when he was performing in the show. I started to like his character then the real person. I was curious so I searched about him. I found out that he is the leader of the band CNBLUE. I searched and listened to their songs and found them very nice. They have their own style and musicality. I may not have any great knowledge about music but I really like their songs. They are not just K-pop idol but a K-pop band. They make their own songs and they can sing songs in their language, in English and in Japanese. And the rest is history.

Because of CNBLUE, I started to like another color - BLUE. Blue for me is not just a color, it represents one of my favorite bands. Blue is not a feeling of sadness but something "new", bright and refreshing. Blue gives me the feeling of positivism. 

I was glad that I welcomed other things that were 'new' and now loved by me.  

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  1. NICE BHE!!!! Me too,,, you know that we both love PINK and BLUE now!!!! :) <3