Monday, June 25, 2012


I am wondering why for two consecutive nights I cried. It may sound pathetic or OA but I guess it was because of the two movies I've watched. I was affected by stories, the scenes and the lines. Filipino movies for me are still great. The movie I've watched last Saturday night was "One More Chance". Apparently, everybody knew how dramatic and how this movie can make you cry. After watching the movie, I felt sad. I was affected by what I saw.Shameless of me to say, different things came in my mind. I imagined different situations/ scenes as if I'm making the part two of the said movie. Then, someone crossed my mind. When I remembered him, more tears fell. With those tears, I realized that I should accept the fact that I am just an option. There is really nothing, no more. Those tears told me to let go. Move on and keep going. Sunday came and time to move house.We transferred to an apartment (studio type style) which we rented again. It was so tiring and we're not yet finish. Before I went to bed. I've watched "Way back home". The story might sound simple or familiar which is about sister rivalry. I may say that it's not just like that. Lesson learned here is we keep looking for the things we lost and we're not able to see the things that's present before us. There are things/ people might not be with us anymore but there are still great things to come. We just need to look around and see things. These two movies told me to stop, move on and look around.

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